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Viewing Game Film is crucial in any sport. However, many golfers are only filmed on the practice tee. Without observing players in actual tournaments, coaches remain unaware of how competitive pressure and emotions impact their performance. Yet, coaches can’t always attend all their players’ tournaments or observe more than one player at a time (unless they’re in the same group). This is where TourScope comes in, offering coaches unrestricted access to their players’ performance videos, hole by hole, tournament by tournament, anytime and anywhere.

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38 years experience as a PGA Coach

Multiple sport athlete with exposure to game film review

1 Timothy 2:1-4


7 European Tour wins

Vice-captain of the 35th Ryder Cup

Finished in the top ten of the Order of Merit 3 times

Mark 12:29-31


35 years combined technical expertise in multimedia, cloud services, cybersecurity and information technology

10 years integrating technology into Interscholastic, College and Professional sports

Jeremiah 29:11


28 years designing and implementing technology solutions

19 year Development Team Member of TOURSCOPE

1 Peter 4:12


Frequently Asked Questions

No — the cameras on smartphones are exceptional, yet easy to use. Our tutorial video shows family and friends how to do it, including the best camera angles to help swing coaches be more effective.

Coaches: To access footage with the coaching tools and special navigation features, coaches will need to purchase a TourScope subscription. One subscription gives the coach access to videos of an unlimited number of their players as long as the player has a subscription, and the coach has been granted permission by the player to view his/her footage.

Junior Players: The player, the player’s coach, and college coaches can view tournament footage. The family of a junior player must give permission before anyone can see videos of the players content. 

College Players: The player, the player’s approved swing coach and the team coach can view videos.

Videos are stored for an indefinite time frame.

No. You're able to storage as many videos as you need.