How It Works

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Transform Pressure into Precision


Open the TS Mobile App and select the camera Icon. Capture video of Tournament play (Game Film). Upload and tag footage. The best camera position for optimal viewing inside the TS App is “Landscape”.

Publish to App

Upload videos inside TS Mobile App. Or import videos from mobile phone video library and then upload to TS App. The players videos will automatically be delivered to their coaching team (as long as they have a TS subscription)


Players, coaches, teams, and even college scouts alike can utilize a simple menu to access both new and archived videos effortlessly.


TourScope's keyword tagging functionalities, along with its search tools, simplify the process of identifying particular golf shots. This streamlined search process translates to more time available for coaching and playing, and less time spent on searching.

Video Mark Up

Coaches have the ability to annotate videos with lines, angles, measurements, and split-screen views.


The video library is organized by tournament name, year, and round, which proves beneficial when players require visual cues of past success and failures, especially during times when their golf swing seems elusive.

Play Video

Introducing TourScope: Revolutionizing Tournament Performance Analysis

Golfers often face unique challenges under tournament pressure, yet until now, the sport has lacked comprehensive game footage for players and coaches to review. With TourScope, everything changes. This innovative app is designed to meet the needs of seriously competitive tournament players and their swing and mental coaches who are committed to helping them.


Frequently Ask Questions.

In working with a golfer, swing and mental coaches can literally see where and why tournament performance is successful or challenged. Whether it’s in the beginning of the round or trying to finish strong, the coach can address each hole with the player and even markup video footage with lines, measured angles and stopwatch to measure swing pace.  All the tools needed for coaching players to better tournament performance.

Through the Tourscope mobile app, high school golfers can elect to have their tournament footage available for college coaches to view. Granting access to competition footage emphasizes your commitment to playing at the next level. This helps college coaches in the scouting process, providing a broader pool than would be possible traveling to see each player. The view-only College Coaching app will list juniors by state and graduation year.

No — the cameras on smartphones are exceptional, yet easy to use. Our tutorial video shows family and friends how to do it, including the best camera angles to help swing coaches be more effective.

Coaches: To access footage with the coaching tools and special navigation features, coaches will need to purchase a TourScope subscription. One subscription gives the coach access to videos of an unlimited number of their players as long as the player has a subscription, and the coach has been granted permission by the player to view his/her footage.

Junior Players: The player, the player’s coach, and college coaches can view tournament footage. The family of a junior player must give permission before anyone can see videos of the players content.

College Players: The player, the player’s approved swing coach and the team coach can view videos.

Videos are stored for an indefinite time frame.

No. You're able to store as many videos as you need.